The church we worship in today is Victorian, built in 1900 but there has been a worshipping congregation in Horsley since 1662.

The Act of Uniformity of 1662 forced the vicar
, Thomas Trewent,  to leave his church in Ovingham. He would not conform to the rules laid down by that law so was "ejected" from that parish and the Church of England.

Meetings were held in secret in the attic of a friend of Thomas Trewent in the village of Horsley.

This house which is one of the oldest in the village later became the home of subsequent ministers after the construction of the adjoining church. Today it still stands next to the present church. It is no longer the minister's manse  but has been converted into the Hearth coffee shop and artists' studios.

The church was part of the Congregationalist Church  until 1972 when it became part of the United Reformed Church.

2012 was an important anniversary for this small  but growing church as it celebrated 350 years since the " Great Ejection" of 1662 and 40 years as part of the United Reformed Church.

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